Fur coats can be very hot in summer

Fur coats can be very hot in summer. Dogs wear theirs all of the time. You may give your dog a summer buzz cut to try to keep him cool, but you may need more. Dogs do not have sweat glands and they fight the heat by panting. There are times when Water Chillers Suppliers the heat is overwhelming and panting is not enough. They will have more problems with heat than humans do.

Dogs with thick coats or double coats are very prone to heat stroke. Those flat nosed breeds such as boxers, bulldogs and pugs have more difficulty breathing. They can not pant as well as dogs with bigger mouths and less skin on their face.

A dog cooling bed can provide exactly what your dog needs. It can be a permanent place of comfort for your dog during the sweltering summer months. Some humans require heat in the winter as well and for some dogs, that can be more heat than your dog can tolerate. A cooling bed can help at these times as well.

Cooling beds are generally comfortable. They are generally constructed of quality materials and offer great support. Support is very beneficial for dogs with Cushing’s or hip dysplasia. It will also be helpful with dogs that have had chemotherapy or surgery.

What is the right type of cooling bed?

It is important to find a bed that is not cooled by electricity. Water or gel filled beds are very simple to use and are preferable to those with fans and motors.

Non-toxic material is a must. This is very important if your dog is a chewer or a puppy. Their curiosity can lead them to a feeding frenzy with the material inside the bed. Non-toxic filling in a puncture proof cover is what is needed.

The bed should be easy to clean. Simple beds are easier to maintain than fancy designer beds.

If your dog is crate trained, you will have to find a bed that fits in the crate. Consider the back seat of your car if your pet travels with you. Cooling beds come in a variety of sizes and there is one that will suit your dog’s needs.

The construction of the bed should consist of channels or cores that contain water or non-toxic gel. This will help to give your dog support on all parts of their body. It will be a stable bed that will last for a very long time if you follow these pointers.

There are cooling beds that also act as warming beds. Do a bit of reading before you make your choice.

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