What are the benefits of cold storage

What are the benefits of cold storage ? Cold storage is mainly used for the constant temperature storage of food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products, poultry, fruits and vegetables, cold drinks, flowers, greenery, tea, pharmaceuticals, chemical raw materials, electronic instruments, etc. The cold storage is actually a kind of low-temperature combined air-conditioning equipment. The cold storage (refrigerator) is also a kind of refrigeration equipment. Compared with the refrigerator, the refrigeration area is much larger, but they have the same cooling principle. 
  Generally, the cold storage is mostly cooled by a refrigerator, and a liquid (ammonia or freon) with a very low vaporization temperature is used as a coolant to evaporate under the conditions of low pressure and mechanical control to absorb the heat in the storage to achieve cooling and cooling. purpose. The most commonly used is a compression refrigerator, which is mainly composed of a compressor, a condenser, a throttle valve and an evaporation tube. According to the way of the evaporation tube device, it can be divided into two types: direct cooling and indirect cooling. Direct cooling The evaporation tube is installed in the refrigerated warehouse. When the liquid coolant passes through the evaporation tube, it directly absorbs the heat in the warehouse and cools down. Indirect cooling is that the air in the warehouse is sucked into the air cooling device by a blower, and the air is hovered by the evaporation tube that is hovering in the cooling device, and then sent into the warehouse to cool down. The advantages of the air cooling method are rapid cooling and relatively uniform temperature in the warehouse, and meanwhile, harmful gases such as carbon dioxide generated during storage can be taken out of the warehouse.

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