Difference between high temperature cold storage and low temperature cold storage

Difference between 
high temperature cold storage and low temperature cold storage The room temperature is not the same, usually between 0-4 ° C. The cooling equipment uses air cooler, which is installed in the center of one end of the storehouse. It uses multi-jet air ducts to evenly supply air. In addition to maintaining proper temperature and humidity conditions, appropriate fresh air (outdoor fresh air) must be introduced. If chilled meat is stored, its storage period cannot exceed 14-20 days. 
Low-temperature cold storage: Quick-freezing refrigerator, also called low-temperature storage. It is used to store frozen food. Its storage temperature range is -35 ° C to 18 ° C. Generally, the frozen storage temperature of meat is -25 ° C to 18 ° C, and the aquatic product storage temperature is -30 ° C to -20 ° C. The storage temperature of ice cream products is -30 ° C–23 ° C. Some special aquatic products require lower storage temperature, below -40 ℃. Foreign countries adopt lower storage temperature trends, such as the temperature of tuna in refrigerated storage at -50 ° C. 
In addition to their different temperatures and storage uses, high-temperature cold storage and low-temperature cold storage have different requirements for engineering accessories. For example, in terms of refrigeration compressors, ordinary constant-temperature cold storage can use ordinary brand compressors to meet the requirements. That is to say, the temperature requirements are lower and the performance and quality requirements are higher. Generally, compressors of international brands are used. Of course, the difference on the other hand is the price. Under the same conditions, the lower the temperature of the cold storage, the accessories and energy consumption. The higher the cost, the higher the price.

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